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The High

This is for the ‘Someone else’ who managed to give me back in 5 days what ‘Someone’ had been taking from me for three years. It is amazing, I just wanted you to know. I’d never even thought about the possibility of finding a person who’s literally a male version of me and boy, does that feel good. So good that I wonder how I could settle for anything else in the past. You lifted my standards way up high now and I have a good feeling about the whole thing, something which hadn’t happened before by the way.

For once in my life, I feel I’m doing the very right thing, hundred percent, perfectly. It’s all there. It’s .. awesome. Thank you for starting that conversation, it’s funny how so many things can happen all at once to create such a perfect context. And that’s why I’m saying, sometimes life can be just amazing.


It is my belief that we should believe in signs. You know that ‘everything happens for a reason’ thing? It’s something we should all believe in.. at least, that’s how I feel about it. Now I said this about me before, I’m a strongly convinced Atheist so I don’t mean that like it has something to do with divinity, no. I’m thinking about the Universe, the energies, and just everything we cannot explain.. In our worthless, insignificant lives, everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences cause they’re awfully odd, I think there’s more to them. I also don’t believe in deja-vu’s, but I’m a bit paranoid like that ever since I discovered the idea that the human race evolved as a result of an experiment made 3 million years ago.

Anyway, my point is, I mind any kind of signs, except for the ‘divine’ ones having to do with religious matters, I just hate those. That being said, I’ll get where I wanted to in the first place – Zodiac signs.. Yes, yes, I believe in them. I know many people think it’s utter shit that can’t be proven and so on and I won”t contradict them – I never really cared about the scientific aspect of this field, I just find it interesting and to some extent, true. ZODIAC SIGNS, not the horoscope, I that’s rubbish in my opinion.

According to the European zodiac (cause that’s what I’m interested in), I’m an Aquarius. I won’t list all the characteristics of this sign here but I fit in quite well, except for a few small things. Also, I’m fairly familiar with all the twelve of them, more or less. I actually got to that point that when I meet someone new I usually ask them their sign and it helps a bit. I’m not biased towards it but still, it’s great help when you wanna understand people’s behaviour to the fullest (and I always want to know more and more about it, I get annoying at times). I find it funny that those who don’t believe in it just can’t predict anything whereas I act all ‘ I know you’re on about’ after I get their sign. Again, I’m not saying it’s real story or proven in any way cause I don’t know, but whatever they did, they got many things right, I tell you. You’d be amazed if you’re a non-believer, it’s a better bet than the God thing. :)