About the Blog

So again, I deleted all the old posts and thought I should do a new blog for the umpteenth time. That happens everytime my ‘life changes’ but it’s becoming exhausting so I’ll do my best to stick to this one.

I don’t write much, just thoughts from my personal, ordinary experiences and.. whatever goes through my head really. I’m not interested in being part of the so called blogosphere so I don’t care about subscribing and stuff.. If I find something smart, I’ll read it on a regular basis though.

So yeah anyway, maybe some of the people that stumble upon this will relate to what I write and they’ll feel better knowing there’s someone who shares the same ideas as them. That’s practically the only reason this blog is public.



13 responses to “About the Blog

  • swissknifev

    I like your point. I have four blogs or weblogs, each with a purpose. PURPOSE- yep. It’s partly for friends, partly for career statements, partly out of what I believe, partly fun that I’d like to share and partly boredom. They are like restaurant lunches with a lot of burping side dishes.

    But someone has to read and walk through with you right? That’s fun. Sometimes I feel that I am talking to myself on the blog. It’s like a wall full of crap and posters and leaning back and looking at them.
    I like your blog. It’s an insiders blog. I mean you go inside yourself and kind of let free from the noisy world outside. Right?

    • Alexandra

      You’re right. This is my diary as I said. I’ve never thought of saying something to make it nicer. I don’t know if I should say this, but I’ve never really thought about the people reading it when I wrote something either. It’s just that I want to be satisfied with the way I put it for myself and it looks like some people like it too :) And I couldn’t be happier about that.

  • swissknifev

    Yep Alexandra – you are expressing YOU. That is fine. YOU the unique person …There’s a lot I can learn from you. Your MIND is more important. People must see ALEXANDRA- and that’s interesting and important….

  • swissknifev

    Hi A. Howz you? Don’t worry about me. I am 10000000000000s of miles away. Will never meet you. Never hurt you.But you are a nice girl.Why did I get into your blog? Because a 1000000000000000000 blogs are boring. Your’s was interesting. Period.

    Take care. Nice girl.

  • Alexandra

    Thanks a lot dude! I forgot your name, it’s a bit difficult for me, so I’ll just call you V-jay. Is that ok? Uhm, regarding the blog.. Yeah my style’s gone a bit off the track lately but it doesn’t have to keep that stereotype anyway, right? I hope you still like it and it makes you feel better :)

  • swissknifev

    Hi Alexandra. V-jay is fine. In fact that’s how it’s pronounced.Now i am going to V-jay from now on. I like the name this way. Thankoo ( Thank You). Yep I’ll be walking through your blog as and when. You’ve got a nice style. In one of your posts you were talking about Karma. Do you believe in Karma?

    V-jay :):):):)

  • swissknifev

    Now that you mention is I do. You want to hear my theories? I am just waiting to unload and share.

  • swissknifev

    Let’s start from here > What you do comes back. It’s like table tennis. Every act, every word, every thought is a Karmic investment. It’s ping pong ping pong until you break the chain.:)

  • swissknifev

    That’s a great idea. I’ll do that. Because the philosophy. theory or idea is huge that this blog can get flooded. There are lots of questions and answers.And experiences. It’s fascinating.:)

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