The Distance. What can we do?

Into_the_Distance_by_ConstNow, that’s a nightmare that’s been following me for almost 3 years. What can we do when we desperately want to be near someone who’s thousands of miles away? And I’m not only talking about a lover, but a son, a brother, an old friend.

How can we handle someone being taken hours away from us? And of course we can always call, text, IM, and even go on webcams and see their laugh full-screened, but what if you just want to sit next to that person without hearing or seeing him, and just feel his hand holding yours? Oblivion is not an answer. Nor is ignorance. Then what is it?

I’ve experienced hatred, disillusion, and so on just like anyone of you, but I’ve never felt more miserable than I did when MISSING the ones I loved. Cause I knew there was absolutely nothing that could make me feel better. It’s those times when you just feel the need to squeeze something and clench your fists cause you can’t touch them, or when you wish you would be any person who accidentally passes them by, just so you can feel them and see them walk, even for a few seconds.

What do to? Hope that someday, at some point, you may actually have the chance to be with them again without any milestone standing between you.. Oh boy. If Distance was a person, I’d beat her to death with no regrets, I mean it.

So fuck you, Distance. And you too Time, cause you do a pretty damn good teamwork together! Fuck you, in the name of every bitter lover, mother, brother and friend who’s standing there now dreaming oceans away.

PS: To everyone who’s far away from me, and I wish they weren’t .. I love you. And some miles won’t stop me to. God damn it..

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